VigRX Plus Test Review

To test the effectiveness of the VigRX Plus claim for longer and harder erections, a closely- supervised study was conducted among 60 males in their 20s and late 40s, and were properly screened to rule out disorders that may be affected by the supplement intake.

VigRX Plus

The study period was for three months, and the dosage was individually-designed according to the test subject’s need and physical condition. The progress was recorded through frequent visits and survey questionnaires given to each participant to track their own perceived changes. Read more on

  • The study

  • The study was divided into three four-week periods, and the researches have summarized changes at the end of every assessment period:

    After four weeks, 44 participants noticed an increase in length and girth, the remaining reported only modest increases that are barely perceptible. Of the 44, 40 noticed longer lasting erections; 40 said they have achieved orgasms two or more in one session. Fifty-five participants reported an increased sex drive. All but two have developed minor intolerance;

    better sex power

    After the second four-week phase, 49 participants increased their penis’ length and girth by an average of 15%, and 10%, respectively. Forty-three (43) test subjects reported better and longer orgasms, with 41 of them saying they have achieved two or more in one session. All but one participant has increased their sex drive noticeably. Those that have displayed side-effects had their dosages adjusted; learn more and read full vigrx plus review .

    At the end of the trial run, 55 participants increased length and girth by an average of 22% and 14% respectively. Fifty-two (52) subjects reported an increase in the quality and quantity of their orgasms in one session. They reported to have achieved stiffness longer. They have also, quite happily, reported that they can get it up again in a matter of minutes. This is sometimes difficult to achieve as men age, but majority of those who achieved a second erection (or more) are in their 40s. As expected, everyone in the test group reported an increase in sexual appetite.

    In conclusion, the pilot program has established the fact that natural ingredients in VigRX Plus are effective in increasing the capacity of penile tissues to achieve bigger girth, longer and harder erections, and increasing the body’s overall stamina and endurance to be ready for more in shorter time spans. VigRX Plus’ natural formulation has also been found to be effective in enhancing the males’(read full vigrx plus review on . sexual appetite and overall sexual satisfaction, regardless of age.

  • How is VigRX Plus® Different Than Viagra?

  • They are mobile phone industry's apart - in a great way.

    The blue pill is really a prescription Erectile dysfunction pill that males require moderate to severe erection dysfunction. The individual waits about twenty minutes for this to consider effect and contains no lengthy-term help to reproductive health and performance - it's strictly an herbal viagra per 'session'.

    VigRX Plus®, on the other hand, is a brand-natural libido pill developed with sexual nutrition that develop within the male the reproductive system, typically in under three several weeks, and encourage regular bloodstream flow towards the penis. The merchandise helps males acquire a bigger, aesthetically impressive erection every time they like, increases libido and eventually satisfaction.

    Inside a clinical study, males who used VigRX Plus® reported a 71.43% rise in sexual and sexual intercourse satisfaction.

  • Will I Require a Prescription To Buy VigRX Plus®?

  • No. VigRX Plus® is totally natural. You do not need a prescription to purchase it, meaning you are able to skip that embarrassing visit to the physician.

    Don't be concerned about VigRX Plus® being some shady backdoor product though - it has been around for more than ten years and meets the approval of some very prominent doctors, including Dr. Steven Lamm from the View.

  • How Do you use it?

  • VigRX Plus® is developed with herbals which have been employed for centuries through the peoples of Asia, Europe and South Usa to improve libido and obtain (and) a harder erection. These sexual nutrition accumulate in your body and start the physiological procedure for lengthy-term sexual interest and talent.

    Put one other way, VigRX Plus® encourages lengthy-term sexual ability with nutrition which help a mans libido achieve virility loved inside a man's teenage life. Also it increases male organ capability to get and retain bloodstream throughout arousal, which leads to a larger searching erection.

  • Similarities Between Vigrx Plus and Volume Pills

  • Both male sexual capsules (Vigrx plus and volume pill) are evolved for boosting the amount of sperm. Everyday use of either of these products can produce a boost of up to 500 % in the quantity of seminal fluid that they discharge during ejaculation.Lots of male need to discharge widespread volume of sperm with their companion every time they climax on bed. Do you want to know more?